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  • A detailed plan for the site’s use and appearance following extraction has been agreed for Mortimer Quarry southern extension.

    Once each phase of the extraction work has been completed, our restoration proposals include sensitive landscaping that will enhance the biodiversity in the area by creating new habitats and wildlife corridors that link to surrounding habitats. To increase public access, we are also proposing that a new public footpath be part of the restoration process.

    We believe that this phased restoration process helps encourage wildlife into the area as soon as possible and also reduces the amount of land under extraction and any one time.

    No imported materials will be used in the restoration process and on completion of the final restoration work, the site will be subject to a further 10 year aftercare programme.

    Sites can be returned to a number of uses such as a mix of agriculture, lakes or new woodland, creating a varied and bio-diverse habitat. In many instances this is coupled with providing public access to areas that were once restricted.

    At Mortimer Quarry southern extension, the site will be restored to commercial and mixed forest, and areas for increased biodiversity.

    In 2015 Hills Quarry Products received a special award from the Mineral Products’ Association for its contribution to the restoration of The Cotswold Water Park, Gloucestershire. Find out more in this video.

    Click on the links below to see examples of Hills’ award-winning restoration work with partner organisations such as the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and the Cotswold Water Park Trust to deliver areas that are rich in wildlife and regarded as assets for local communities.