As a member of the Mineral Products Association, Hills has committed to complying with the the industry body’s Vulnerable Road User Safety Policy and its Cycle Safe Campaign. The campaign aims to prevent collisions between cyclists and lorries by raising awareness on both sides of how to cycle and drive as safely as possible.

As part of Hills’ commitment to good practice on the roads all our drivers have signed a Good Driving Charter and our vehicles has been fitted with How’s My Driving? stickers – click on the links below to find out more.

Hills regularly exhibits at local cycling events where people are given the opportunity to see the view from a lorry cab, gain a better understanding of the ‘blind spot’ areas a lorry driver experiences and learn more about the potential risk of undertaking lorries and getting too close to them at left-hand turns and roundabouts. Download a copy of the information leaflet here.

At the same time Hills’ drivers are on hand to talk about the training they have received and their commitment to the campaign. They also demonstrate the modifications and improvements that have been made to their vehicles as part of Hills’ commitment to minimising the risk of accidents between cyclists and lorries.

Watch the video here.